Top 5 Sunset Spots in Lake Tahoe

Sunset from Party Rock in Lake Tahoe is a sight to behold.

by Terra Breeden

 At 6,300 feet in elevation and with 72 miles of shoreline, you’d think it’d be easy to score a spot to watch the sunset at Lake Tahoe. But it’s surprisingly tough!

 You need to be up high to really catch the colors reflecting over the Lake – a majestic VIEWPOINT. You also want a beach that faces west and has easy access so you aren’t rock-scrambling and bushwhacking as the sky struts from blue to cotton candy pink, orange, and scarlet.

 Luckily, The Tahoe Journal can help you find the perfect sunset location in Lake Tahoe.

We’ll bring you the beta. You bring the champagne. Then head for the Lake when the evening hour is nigh and be sure to let us know how it went!

Here are the 5 best places for sunset in Lake Tahoe:

1. Cave Rock

Cave Rock is an iconic Tahoe landmark. This massive granite formation juts straight from the shoreline and towers over the Lake, offering a full panoramic view. It is, by far, one of the best places to view the sunset in Tahoe.

To the Washoe Indians who once inhabited the region, Cave Rock was a sacred site. The Washoe tribes spent their summers in Lake Tahoe (vacationing in Tahoe is an ancient tradition) and would perform religious ceremonies at Cave Rock. That is, until white people blasted a hole in the rock for Highway 50.

Even though Cave Rock has a tunnel running through the middle, its sacred energy reigns powerful. While sitting atop Cave Rock during sunset, gazing upon the technicolor display and clouds reflecting off the Lake’s surface, you’ll see why; it’s an unbelievable view.

To reach the top of Cave Rock park in Cave Rock Estates and take the 0.25-mile trail to the top of the formation. Watch your step once you get there! It’s a steep drop to rocks and water below – not a fun way to go.

2. Lakeview Commons

Catch the sunset and live music at Lakeview Commons during the Live at Lakeview Summer Concert Series
Catch the sunset and live music at Lakeview Commons during the Live at Lakeview Summer Concert Series

Want to BBQ while you enjoy a Tahoe sunset? We gotchu. This family-friendly beach in the center of South Lake Tahoe is the perfect spot.

Lakeview Commons offers amphitheater seating, charcoal grills, picnic tables, a grassy zone for lounging, and of course, a gorgeous beach. Additionally, Lakeview Commons boasts a boat launch and adjacent parking lot, so bring your paddleboard and take advantage of the easy access to the water.

Take a sunset paddle or hang out on the shore to savor the stunning colors as they snake across the sky. If you plan your trip during the summer months, don’t miss the Live at Lakeview summer concert series for jamming tunes, frosty beers, and a fun-filled evening.

3. Nevada Beach

Bring the pup for sunset at dog-friendly Nevada Beach
Bring the pup for sunset at dog-friendly Nevada Beach

One of the largest and longest beaches in Tahoe, Nevada Beach takes the prize for sunset strolling. This wide expanse of sand is perfectly positioned on the East Shore to face the dramatic colors on the west; you simply can’t find a better sunset view than here.

With picnic tables, charcoal grills, and a large campground, Nevada Beach is a great spot for the family and one of the few dog-friendly beaches in Tahoe, so make sure to bring the pup!

You can easily drive to Nevada Beach and there’s ample parking (for a fee). However, nearby Kahle Park offers biking trails that wind for miles through wildflower meadows and pine forests to the shores of Nevada Beach. If you’re feeling adventurous this is a spectacular route!

4. Party Rock

Make new friends during sunset at Party Rock
Make new friends at Party Rock

Party Rock in South Lake Tahoe is aptly named for its popularity and colorful graffiti. Situated near the top of Heavenly Ski Resort, this perch offers a panoramic view of Lake Tahoe. It’s a jaw-dropping bird’s eye view you don’t want to miss.

From Party Rock you can see every neighborhood and ski resort. You probably won’t have the place to yourself, but you’ll make new friends with people who equally appreciate the pastel colors as they descend over the Lake. Simply put, the sunsets at Party Rock are epic.

Be sure to bring a beer or two, but PLEASE do not spray paint the rocks; there might be a lot of graffiti at Party Rock but conserving the natural beauty of Tahoe is EVERYONE’S responsibility. No need to add to the mural.

5. Tahoe Keys Beach

Find a secluded spot to watch the sunset at Tahoe Keys Beach
Find a secluded spot to watch the sunset at Tahoe Keys Beach

With a walking trail, abundant bird-life, and a pristine beach, Tahoe Keys Beach makes the list for best sunset spots in Tahoe.

The mile-long trail to Tahoe Keys Beach follows the Truckee River Water Shed and is flanked with wildflowers and native shrubs. Songbirds flicker in the marshes and you may even spot a bald eagle.

It’s a lovely precursor to the pay-off – a sandy beach facing west where sunsets paint the Lake in technicolor.

To access the trail, park near the Tahoe Keys Marina (by the cul-de-sac) and enjoy a peaceful stroll and a stunning sunset. You’ll thank us later.

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