12 Truths Only a Tahoe Local Would Understand.

—By Jangles and Meech— 1. It’s all about living a big life on a low budget! Welcome to Desolation. No pricey bar tabs here! We don’t make a ton of money, but [...]

The Truth Behind Tahoe Tessie.

—By AJ Steed— Recent sightings of Lake Tahoe’s monster ‘Tahoe Tessie’ have been skyrocketing as tourists flood town for the summer season. With the [...]

A Tahoe Valentine’s—7 things to do tailored to YOU!!!

By Jangles— From the person without a honey to squeeze to the guy without a dime to squeeze on a honey, we came up with a way for everyone to enjoy Valentine’s in [...]

TJ’s 2016 Gaper Gear Review

  —By Laura Van Bojangles— you asked, we answered! Gaper Gear is back in trend, so we took the finest the 80’s has to offer and put it to the TJ test! The [...]

The Lake Tahoe Quarter-Life Crisis.

The existential angst of growing old in Tahoe – an observation into the quarter-life crisis. Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at [...]
nude beach title

Tahoe Nude Beaches: 5 things I learned from my trip to the naked east shore.

By Laura Van Antwerp  If you would have brought up the idea of hitting up a nude beach to me, say—er—four months ago, you would have most likely been bombarded by some [...]

A Gaper’s List of Backpacking Essentials

Bro, do you even camp? I’ll tell you what you need for that backpacking trip your planning once you get to Tahoe. You’re only there once a year, so make it [...]

5 YO MOMMA Word Problems for Locals Who Struggle with Math.

— By Jangles— 1. YO MOMMA AT LIVE AT LAKEVIEW. a)Yo Momma Near the Stage Yo Momma loves live music, but Yo Momma’s hard of hearing . If Yo Momma attends all [...]

Why You Should Get the F* Out of Tahoe.

Warning: This article contains strong language. If the abundant use of f-bombs makes you uncomfortable then please refrain from reading. —By Laura Van Jangles— A wise man [...]

The 5 Stages of Grieving, and Overcoming, Tahoe’s Bipolar Weather.

April has arrived and you’ve finally come to terms with the uncharacteristically warm weather in Tahoe. Your shred gear has been collecting dust in the attic for [...]

South Lake City Council Approves Funding For Eskimo Brother Database

In what is largely being hailed by bros as a “f*cking awesome idea” and “dopest shit I’ve heard since Taco Bell started serving breakfast”, the largely male [...]

Where to go for St. Patty’s in South Lake!

*Tis the season to get jolly tipsy!* That’s right! St. Pattys Day has arrived which means it’s time to grab your fiddle and get crunk on that green beer and Jamo! [...]

Slippery Pete’s Open Love Letter to Jaime Anderson

Dear Jamie Anderson, Hey girl, I see you out there riding. Being the best snowboarder in the world and shit. I have just one question for you: can I have your number? Can I [...]

A Shakespearean Sonnet About Dollar Drink Night

Alas!  ‘Tis my favorite eve of the week the night upon which I may drink for cheap and be merry with very lovely damsels indeed it’s the night I’m allowed due to [...]

The Tahoe Local’s Christmas Shopping List

That’s right, I did your Christmas shopping for you.  Thank me later.   Perfect for that pal who always needs to borrow a sleeping bag whenever you guys head out [...]

Dear Greg -

  In need of some terrible advice from a completely unqualified individual?  Well, you’ve come to the right place! This week’s not-so-sound advice will be [...]

How to Shop on Black Friday – Proper!

Ahhh, Black Friday! ‘Tis the season to get trampled on by deranged shopaholics who don’t value a good night’s sleep or their dignity.  A jubilus holiday [...]

Tahoe Tinder Clichés

  Text by Laura Jangles and Saniah Foy Illustrations by Pauline Katopka  IT’S A MATCH! According to statistics, 91% of Tahoe locals between the ages of 18-35 [...]

Tindering in Tahoe.

By Laura Van Antwerp— The candles are lit. There’s smooth jazz playing in the background. I’m wearing my finest pair of oversized, coffee-stained [...]

How to be Cool at your Friendsgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is just around the corner!  If you’re like us then you’ll be states from the nearest family member, orphaned in Tahoe due to work obligations, [...]