The Lake Tahoe Cafe Crawl

Which cafes in town are the best? The quest to seek out the top few cafes in town is daunting one, if not seemingly impossible.  The options are plentiful, with locations [...]

A Tahoe Valentine’s—7 things to do tailored to YOU!!!

By Jangles— From the person without a honey to squeeze to the guy without a dime to squeeze on a honey, we came up with a way for everyone to enjoy Valentine’s in [...]

SnowGlobe. Love it? Hate it? Let’s debate it.

By Laura Van Antwerp SnowGlobe, South Lake Tahoe’s most popular electronic music festival, has been the butt of much controversy over the last few years. The festival is [...]

Over a Slice— An Interview with A.J. Marino

Home: A 4K Tahoe Time-lapse Film from Tahoe Media Collective on Vimeo. Social Community LUVS “Home”!! In the first 24 hours = 10,000 view, 500 shares By Day 3 = 17,000 [...]

Sample the Sierra Photo Booth

Bring on the wine and bring on the props! This year’s Sample the Sierra farm-to-fork festival was a huge hit, and we were happy to help bring out the silly in all you [...]

Live At Lakeview Kicks Off with The Raymond Victor Band!

Your favorite summer music series is BACK! And this year Live at Lakeview kicks off with The Raymond Victor Band! If you’re a fan of blues music, then watch out, [...]

Sugar Coating Your Pain

—By Ally Arcuri— What you’re putting into your body has a major influence on the rate at which you are able to recover from an injury. Whether the injury is orthopedic [...]
Live at Lakeview concert series promises a great time to a gorgeous backdrop.

Live Music In South Lake, Summer 2015!

South Lake is going to be popping off this summer with tons of live music events! Here’s a list of what’s hot for summer this year and be sure to regularly check out our [...]

WinterWonderGrass Tahoe

By Nick Chmell— Originating out of Avon, Colorado, WinterWonderGrass Tahoe is a festival that is promoted and headlined by Michigan bluegrass rock stars Greensky [...]
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Equinox Spring Festival Music Series at Sierra at Tahoe

By the looks of it, everyone had a great time at yesterday’s Equinox Spring Festival Music Festival hosted by Sierra at Tahoe. Music by the Scott Pemberton Trio was a [...]

10 Promises Every Young Local Should Make With Themselves….

Our intern Bubba the hamster catchin’ the sunset while keeping it gangster. 1. I will not seek parking anywhere near Emerald Bay or Zephyr Cove during peak tourist [...]

Tahoe Snowboard Companies—SIA 2015

Once a year over 1,000 snow industry brands from around the world convene in Denver and Summit County for the SIA SnowShow. From old school throwbacks such as Moon [...]

Hard Rock Casino Grand Opening – Photo Album


Slippery Pete’s Open Love Letter to Jaime Anderson

Dear Jamie Anderson, Hey girl, I see you out there riding. Being the best snowboarder in the world and shit. I have just one question for you: can I have your number? Can I [...]

Life of a Snowboard Bum in Charts and Graphs

If you’ve never lived the life of a snowboard bum… then you probably never lived in Lake Tahoe.  Real life can wait.  But until then…..   [...]

A Few SnowGlobe Memes

              This has nothing to do with SnowGlobe but I thought it was funny because I have a cat and he’s always pissed off. Memes [...]

The Best in Christmas Memes

Tahoe managed to squeak out some snow this Christmas and for that we are thankful!  Hopefully the following memes manage to bring out a chuckle this fun-filled holiday. We [...]

Tahoe Residents Gets Exempted From Obamacar – For Smoking Pot?!

With the federal government trying to control costs on Obamacare, they have targeted a segment of the US population located in Tahoe. A press release sent out by the [...]

Let’s Celebrate our Latest Snowstorm!

    For everyone out on the east coast……                         [...]

DJ Manny Maze: Tahoes EDM mastermind.

DJ Manny Maze is ready to take Tahoe’s EDM scene to the next level. —By Laura Van Antwerp Like with any interview, I feel it’s important to start off with a [...]