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The Tahoe Journal is an online magazine that is by and for Lake Tahoe’s new generation of ambitious, creative locals. We are here to keep you entertained, informed, and best of all—laughing! 

If you would like to contribute or collaborate with TTJ, please get in touch with anyone from our team!

Meet the Team!


Welcome to our super awkward 80’s style company page!

Laura Vortonjangles2an Antwerp (Jangles)
Founder, Editor in Chief (Head Honcho)

Laura is an honors graduate of Arizona State University with a useless degree in Business Marketing and an equally inadequate certificate in Entrepreneurship. She will also soon be receiving her MBA upon completion of the book ‘The Personal MBA’ by Josh Kaufman.

She’s the co-founder of Mooseknuckle, a tall hoodie line for women that epically flopped in 2012 after losing a trademark battle against the now popular Mooseknuckle of Canada. She’s also the founder of Pickled Apparel, another clothing line which failed to gain traction but left Laura with tons of dope-ass outfits for years to come.

After a long stint snowboarding, traveling to the ends of the earth, and poor decision making, she discovered she possessed a sub-par but enjoyable skill in writing. She’s been published by USA Today, Bliss Babe Magazine, The Elephant Journal, College Humor, Bolivian Express, Tahoe Action, The Alibi, The New York Times (in one of her dreams), and her mom, who photo copied an essay of hers and passed it around to a few of her friends. Laura founded The Tahoe Journal in July of 2014 and the rest is history, bitches.

In her free time Laura can be found soaking in a bathtub filled with hundred dollar bills while cackling menacingly at the people who’ve ever told her she would never accomplish massive 80’s hair.



biomeech6Michelle McNicol (Meech)
Director of Marketing, Networking Overlord

Michelle received her Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science—Public Service with an emphasis in Environmental Policy and Planning from the University of California, Davis. She also has an extensive education in the art of power napping.

Michelle’s experience includes serving as commissioner on the Environmental Policy and Planning Committee at UC Davis as well as policy research at the Campaign for College Opportunity in Sacramento.

When Meech is not busy managing TTJ’s social media accounts, event listings, or networking important relationships within the community (such as scoring food sponsorships from the local deli or offering advertising space in exchange for free drinks), she can be found at the Tahoe Chamber of Commerce working hard at making this town a happier place to live.

In her free time Michelle can be found knitting hair scrunchies for the homeless; creating Tinder accounts for single, lonely animals in the area; or reinforcing her already unbreakable bond with her plush pillow and the inviting space between her mattress and comforter.


Oh, and of course snowboarding.



ryanpicRyan Moore (RyMo)

Business Director, Master of the Custodial Arts

Ryan is a graduate of the prestigious Sierra Nevada College with a degree in Resort and Business Management.

In addition to his esteemed education in business, Ryan is also a self-taught master in the art of computer programming. When he isn’t busy mopping or cooking the books for The Tahoe Journal, Ryan can be found making productive use of his time as a database marketing analyst for Inka-Solutions.

In his free time you can find Ryan solar blading on the hill or scootering around at the skate park. Other hobbies include LARPing, Jedi training, and parting the most aggressive comb-over you’ve ever seen. Did we mention stroking his excellent beard?

His future goals are to combine his Jedi skills and love for computer by writing code… with his mind.



Bubba the Hamstbubsbioer
Resident Intern (Coffee B*tch!)


TTJ’s first intern is a recent graduate of the Academy of Hard Knocks with degrees in both White (Dry-erase) Board Erasing and Litter Construction.

When Bubbs is not busy in the office taking calls and organizing our stacks of paperwork, he can be found working as a freelance white board eraser to local businesses in need of his services.Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 9.44.29 AM

Hobbies include running ultra-marathons at midnight in his squeaky wheel and, on the weekends, playing sold-out dubstep shows as DJ Hamstep.




The Tahoe Journal.

It’s not just an online magazine—it’s a lifestyle choice. Join the movement.



Bodacious/creepy 80’s hair by Tali Bland
Photography by Jangles and Tali Bland