December 3, 2014


The New Highway 50!

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 7.56.03 AMGuess what! Our number one pass for observing heathens in their natural habitat will soon be receiving a makeover!  Right now the plan is to reroute the 50 to Lake Parkway (the road that travels behind Harrah’s) as well as expand that road into four lanes.

Opinions with regard to the changes have been divided.  Proponents include individuals who feel this will improve pedestrian/vehicle congestion, revitalize economic development, and just make the overall area look less trashy and more like something you don’t feel dirty for driving through after Sunday service.  Among opponents are people who are upset their ‘secret back-way shortcut’ whenever they are late for work will now be exploited to the masses, individuals who enjoy unobstructed views to inside the Lucky Beaver while stopped at a light, and those resistant to the inevitability of change.

“Public response and participation is exactly what we’re looking for,” TTD District Manager Carl Hasty said. “Having the community’s involvement and suggestion for the project is crucial to both the overall planning for the environmental documents, the next step in the press.”

We here at TTJ were going to suggest some sleepy willows along the sidewalk, you know, for lazy afternoons leaning against the tree reading Dr. Seuss books and watching the shopaholics and drunks as they stumble from one boutique/casino to another.

Another suggestion: gum-ball machines.

To learn more about the changes and put in your two cents, head on over to  The site will be accepting suggestions until January!

Heavenly Up and Running

crowdYou can always count on Heavenly to be the first resort to open each season.  If a comet landed on Tahoe, emptied the
lake, exterminated the local population, and turned the area into a dried up raisin, Heavenly would still blow snow in order to open by Thanksgiving.

Well, this year was no exception!  The resort was able to accommodate the influx of holiday visitors with 2.3 miles of skiable terrain – not bad when you consider there’s a total of 0.0 inches of snow on the ground at lake level.  Emergency response teams waited patiently/anxiously for the first incident of the season to take place last weekend, but fortunately (and surprisingly) no major accidents occurred on the human pinball machine.

More should be opening up in the upcoming week since we are expecting God to really unload his dandruff over the higher elevations (flushing the toilet at lower elevations).  Heavenly claimed 6 inches of fresh snow overnight (so around 3 when you subtract inflation) and is expecting more in the week to come!  *High fives all around*


Help Support Untimely Funeral!

aimeeAs some of you may know by now, there was a violent car crash that took place in town last week on the corner of Edna and Pioneer.  The accident was a violent one which resulted in the injury of two people and the untimely death of 21-year-old Aimee Campos.  At the time, Aimee was working at the Harrah’s Fatburger and attending LTCC with the goal of becoming a psychologist.  She will always be remembered for being a sweet girl and a hard worker.

Please extend a helping hand to Aimee’s family during this difficult time.  Obviously, no one budgets for the unexpected funeral of a loved one who still had their life ahead of them, let alone right before Christmas.  The Campos family believes they will be about $5,000 short of covering expenses, so any donations will be most gratefully accepted!

So we ask – take that twenty bucks you were planning on spending on booze this weekend and put it towards helping someone in your community!

Benefit account:

Bank: Bank of America

Account #: 3250 0345 9414

Name under account: Esteban Campos

Fore more information on any of these current events, head on over to a legitimate local news source.


Have a great week(end) all!


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