December 24 – Christmas Edition


HO HO HO!!  Merry Christmas all!  We hope you are all tolerating your eccentric families this fine holiday season and that Santa got you those snoopy print boxers you’ve been praying for every night.

This week on the holiday Humpday Update……


Local Woman turns 101


Meet Helen Riddle.  She recently turned 101 and is quite possibly the oldest citizen of Lake Tahoe.   But as we all learned from our article #thestruggleisreal, we local folk have no regard for our age and would rather act much younger than our years stipulate.  Helen is no exception!  She still feels 19!

Helen’s seen and done it all thanks to scoring front row seats to the most drastically changed century of all time!

Feeling a little butt-hurt because you didn’t receive the latest iPhone for Christmas this year?  Well, guess what, Helen grew up without electricity!  Your car break down on the way to work?  Just take a moment while you wait for AAA to show up to remind yourself you share a zip code with someone who always rode shotgun growing up….. on a horse!

Like many of us residents today, Helen discovered the joy and beauty of Tahoe during a vacation she took with a friend in the 60s.  Back in yonder days casinos lured people into town by gifting them a five dollar gambling stipend – an offer that would barely get you through a half hour at the penny slots today!  But Helen was all about it and the rest was history!  She moved to Tahoe and has remained here since!

It’s nice to know that getting sucked into the Ta-hole is as timeless a tradition as your aunt’s overcooked Christmas eve sweet potato casserole.




Hard Rock Casino Sign is Up!


In case you didn’t know, Hard Rock Casino had to jump through some hoops in order to put up a 322 sq. foot electronic message board along highway 50.  It was only last year that TRPA approved of such installations on commercial properties along the Stateline area.

Stipulations include:

  1. The sign can only show static content.  That’s right.  No free shows featuring generic half-nekkie dancers every time you head to Kahle for your afternoon workout.
  2. Content can only change four times an hour, so don’t bother sitting through multiple traffic-light changes in order to catch the next update.
  3. No moving, blinking, or flashing elements.  Basically, the sign cannot resemble a Rihanna music video in any way.

As you can see, TRPA is making damn sure that sign does not cause drivers to plow over meandering pedestrians.

In related news – has anyone noticed that the sign is already glitchy?  The Nevada-facing side has already been demonstrating some malfunctioning LED lights which can only mean one thing: THEY ARE ALREADY BREAKING THE RULES!  Someone call TRPA before someone drives off the road!




We’re going to make like your Facebook news feed and point out the obvious weather conditions.


So get out there, dodge those gapers, and enjoy the snow!








For more info on these topics head on over to a legitimate news source!

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