Tahoe’s got crooked cops, TWC outrage…

Tahoe’s got crooked cops. Awesome.

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On the evening of May 20 Douglas County popo arrested this dude here, who also happens to be the El Dorado Sheriff’s Office deputy. Ironically enough, Deputy Mark Zlendick, who was part of the Narcotics Enforcement team, also happens to be a big fan of the ol’ meth himself.

After police confiscated narcotics and paraphernalia at his residence (after responding to a domestic dispute call) Zlendick was promptly locked up on charges for possession of a controlled substance, trafficking methamphetamine, conspiracy and possession of paraphernalia.

Bail was set at a whopping $55,640, which Zlendick was apparently able to afford posting. Wow, who knew meth-dealing was such a lucrative endeavor.

Needless to say, there is much speculation at this point about what the hell is really going on over at SLEDNET (Tahoe’s narcotic enforcement team). How does this guy slip under the radar for 11 YEARS while surrounded by a task force that is PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED to deal with this kind of stuff?

Many are calling B.S.

Also worth knowing, your tax dollars are currently hard at work financing Deputy Zlendick’s paid leave. Sit on that for a while.

For more details check out this link.

Tahoe Wellness Center gets raided, local social media forums go haywire…


All boarded up post-raid.

All boarded up post-raid.

Facebook was buzzing today as locals inundated community forums with new updates about shady activity taking place at Tahoe’s only remaining non-profit dispensary. Law enforcement agencies were seen breaking into Tahoe Wellness Co-op, with a large truck subsequently parking up front causing speculation that a raid was taking place.

Police also obtained warrants to search not only the collective, but also the homes of owner Cody Bass and the elderly landlord of the establishment.

“A lot of evidence was taken that needs to be reviewed and audited before a decision is made (about any arrests),” Jim Clinchard, El Dorado County assistant district attorney, told Lake Tahoe News. “The investigation relates to tax evasion and possession of marijuana for sale.”

While the real story behind today’s events remains in limbo, what’s for certain is that the community is up in arms about the whole thing. Conspiracy theories have been drawn due to some unsettling circumstances. For instance, just over a week ago TWC posted to Facebook encouraging the community to take a stand against our aforementioned corrupt cop’s paid leave.

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Some believe it’s no coincidence the same task force Zlendick worked on was also behind today’s invasions, including the owner of TWC. According to an article recently published by South Tahoe Now:

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Many in town are calling for an independent investigation into SLEDNET. What will happen has yet to be determined, however we’re sure it will be a full house at the city council meeting tomorrow morning.

For more info on this click on the link.

Update, June 2, 11:30 a.m.: The city council meeting is taking place in Placerville as we speak. The topic was mentioned during public comment and it appears the board is taking interest.

Update, June 2, 5 p.m.: Tahoe Wellness Co-op has commented  via social media on yesterdays events, stating:

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