Man responsible for gunning down bear pleads not guilty, city lowers sign application fees!

Tahoe local responsible for gunning down bear pleads not guilty.

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Bear: too young to go? Perp: too old for jail?


As you may recall, the community was fired up a few months ago after finding out a young bear had been gunned down and left to die in the woods.

The man responsible for the shooting was arraigned in September for a misdemeanor charge of illegal taking of wildlife under the state’s fish and wildlife laws.

The 75 year old local pled not guilty.

He will now be appearing in court on December 4 for a rescheduled pre-trial conference. If convicted he’ll be facing up to one year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

While most feel that an example should be made of the offender, there are others who believe we should “give the old guy a break”.

What do YOU think?

Should his age really be a factor in the final outcome, or is this a black and white matter?

For more info on the ordeal, click on the link!

City lowers sign application fees!

Big sign, bigger price tag.

Big sign, bigger price tag. Photo credit: Tahoe Tribune

Business signs! They don’t came for free, and for a minute there, they didn’t come cheap!

In May, the city application fee for business signs spiked big time.

Let’s examine the price differences here.

Sign application fee:
Before: $145
After: $878

Permit fees for murals:
Before: $130
After: $2,105

Naturally, this mega price jump did not go unnoticed! If the general reaction of the public could be reduced to two words, it would probably either be “holy crap!” or “hell naw!”

Eleanor BonBon of Tattoo BonBon was not going to take the outrageous fee increase laying down. She decided to spearhead a protest which garnered tons of support from the community.

The result?

The application fee has been adjusted from $878 to $120! Major sign applications will be capped at $300.


A huge high five to Eleanor for stepping up to the plate on behalf of local business owners. A huge high five to Nancy Kerry & Co. for responding so quickly with an fantastic compromise.





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