The Male Room—Where Dreams Come True.


By Jangles—

Do you find yourself wishing you were surrounded by bronzed, greek gods with moves that would make Jagger cry himself to sleep at night?

Do you dream of mooseknuckles illuminating in flashing disco lights, rhythmically throbbing to the beat of your favorite hits?

Maybe all you want is to be three inches away from a six-pac that you could wash your clothes on.

Well, you’re in luck, because The Male Room is back!


Those guns aren’t real. But those ones are.

Tahoe’s sexiest studs will be returning to stage this weekend at Mont Bleu’s Opal Nightlounge to fulfill the dreams and fantasies of all you ladies (and the occasional dude). The Male Room, produced and choreographed by the talented Jessica Boyle, is Lake Tahoe’s only male revue show. Since it’s induction two years ago, TMR has grown significantly in popularity, selling out shows and garnering acclaimed reviews from critics and attendees alike!


Oh Lordy! Dolors hasn’t seen a six-pac in over 40 years.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more entertaining and talented group of guys to spend your Saturday evening with. These dancers’ unique personalties, and charming smiles, breath so much life into the show. No doubt you’ll find yourself regretting that down payment you recently put on a house because you know deep down it would have been better spent making it rain on this studtastic team!


Rippling abs will be on full display as will scantily clad wedding tackles of all shapes and sizes (as in either large or x-large). Don’t suffer from asthma? We suggest bringing an inhaler anyways because these dance moves will most definitely leave you short of breath.


Oh, and Magic Mike called—they want the spotlight back.

Every Saturday night at 8 p.m. at Opal Lounge all summer long. So get out there, ladies, and show your appreciation for these guys with lots of dolla’ dolla’ bills. They will show you a great time!

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