January 7, 2015



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This week on the Humpday Update…….


So SnowGlobe wasn’t a total bust this year!

Photo by Adam Jensen

 You know when the Tahoe Tribune starts an article with the words ‘Few Arrests…’ there’s good news in store.  It seems we’ve come a long way since the days when SnowGlobe first debuted on the Tahoe scene.  If I recall correctly, the first year my elderly neighbor complained of picture frames falling off her wall at the ungodly hour of 10 p.m. (I live in that neighborhood right across from the college).

The fact that SnowGlobe brings millions of dollars to the local economy has since become common knowledge.  It also seems to be the reason why many local party-poopers have simmered down with their poo-pooing.  It seems globers are not only bringing in the ca$h, but cleaning up their act as well!

Only SIX CALLS with regard to noise complaints were made to the local police this year!  That has got to be a record!  Not only that, but only three arrests were made – the ENTIRE THREE DAYS!  In fact, they all took place on January 31st!  Yeah, SnowGlobers!


Tahoe Queen refuses to move her fat ass!

Photo by Griffin Rogers

As we all know, our last winter was less than stellar.  Thanks to the little snow we received the lake level is now so low the Tahoe Queen keeps getting her badunkadunk stuck in the shallow waters.

New Years Eve was especially fun.  200 people rang in 2015 by getting stranded out on the lake for hours while the Queen refused to budge.  Tugboats were sent and thankfully nobody had to wade to shore.  

As a result the Queen shall remain non-operational on a “no-sail order” until further notice.  So if you were hoping to take your mom out on a hot dinner cruise anytime soon, well, you’re SOL!

Or look on the bright side – you’re in luck, since you’ll be saving yourself a hundred bucks.  Cha-chang!


Resorts are pretty much par with last year!

beachin2In terms of snow conditions, Sierra and Heavenly reported this week that they are essentially in the same place they were in this time last year.  If you’re thinking “but last year we never had a January, just a June-uary!” then you are correct!  Either way, they are trying their hardest to work with what they’ve got!

If you’re really committed to getting your shred on then your best bet is to head over to Kirkwood.  They are the only mountain in South Lake with 100% of their terrain open!  Considering they only had three runs and two chairs open for Christmas and New Years last year, I think we can safely say they are not doing so bad for themselves.

Do all these options sound like they suck to you?  Still bummed about the lack of snow in town?  I have a great idea for you!  Why don’t you head on over to the skating rink, fill a UHaul with all that snow they toss out each night, and build a halfpipe in your backyard.  Not only will you be able to shred every day, but you’ll be able to charge for access to the only halfpipe in town!

Ambitious, yes, but did you have a better idea?  Didn’t think so……


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