January 14


Parvovirus outbreak in the local pooch community! *Sad woof*

Don’t let this happen to Fido! Or your neighbor’s Fido!

If you’ve got a puppy at home, or any pooch that’s not vaccinated, you probably want to keep them indoors or far from other canines right now.  Parvovirus is spreading like wildfire among the local canine community.  Unfortunately, there have already been two fatalities due to the outbreak, with a total of 13 cases reported.  As a result, the Al Tahoe dog park will be closed for the next ten days or so.

“A lot of this is creating more awareness,” Nikki Congero, Executive Director of the Humane Society, said. “We have people taking their dogs to the vet thinking they have parvo, and we find out from pet owners that their dogs haven’t had their shots.  The upside to all of this is that I think everyone in town will get their pets vaccinated. So, this all started basically because of neglectful dog owners.”

Ouch!  We hope you puppy owners are taking note out there!

Another way to spread parvo:  not picking up your dog’s dookies!  According to Congrero, most families leave their poopy piles out in the forest.  “Now, other dogs walk through there and get parvo, and you have coyotes getting contaminated and pooping all over the place. That’s sort of where we’re at now.”  We get it, nobody looks forward to palming a steaming pile of doo.  But please – do it for your local community of pooches!

Parvo symptoms includes lethargy, vomiting, loss of appetite, bloody and extra stanky diarrhea.

Parvo vaccinations are available, and they are a simple way for dogs to avoid the disease, according to the Humane Society. For those who can’t afford the shots, however, dog owners can call Lake Tahoe Humane Society at 530-542-2857 for possible assistance.

New ownership at Y – ’bout damn time!

factoryIt’s been a good year for local makeovers!

We finally tackled the infamous Ta-HOLE of an eyesore down at Stateline (did we mention McPee’s just opened their incredibly sexy new lounge on that strip?  Go check it out!).  Horizon has been replaced with the hip Hard Rock Casino.  That whole area where Gaialicious and Rude Brothers is located got a nice face-lift.

And now, The Factory Stores at the Y is joining the club!  Ba-bam!  Looking good Tahoe!!

Sacramento investment company Sutter Capital recently purchased the outdated strip mall which as been sitting in foreclosure limbo for the last couple of years.  It seems the property, which has been owned by the same family since the 70’s, has gone under due to major drama and mismanagement (as tends to happen with families, as we all know.)

Sutter Capital hopes to give it a more updated look.  There are talks of mixing up the tenants so there’s a nice blend of cafes, restaurants, and stores.  They also plan to switch up the layout.  One that’s strongly being considered is demolishing the center so that pedestrians and bikers and making a nice path for pedestrians and bikers to pass through.

Either way, we are super excited for these new changes.  God knows that whole block needs it!



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