Five Reasons Why You Need to Go to the Last Live at Lakeview of the Summer!


Lavish Green will be holding it down this Thursday!


Are you saying the very final Live at Lakeview is already upon us?! WHERE DID THE SUMMER GO?

Hold that quivering lip! Stifle those tears!

Why, you ask?

Because there’s still one Live at Lakeview left!!! And we’re going to give you five great reasons as to why you need to show up.

Reason #1: Lavish Green.


It’s a tough crowd, but somebody’s gotta make them dance.

Don’t act like you don’t already know the Lavish Green guys. They’ve been such an integral part of the Lake Tahoe music scene for years, it’s like they’re family by this point. So much so, in fact, that we were just wondering what to get them for Christmas. A tambourine? A fuzzy guitar?

Maybe we should just ask….

No, but really. Take one glance at this photo and tell us you wouldn’t trust these guys to put on a good show. Obviously they are great to look at, but it’s what they do for the eardrums that lures many far and wide from their dark cubby holes. It’s rock, it’s punk, it’s reggae, it’s pretty much every great thing to happen to music in the last couple of decades! Rolled up in one!

It’s crazy to think these guys have been throwing down beats on the Tahoe scene for 20 years now! Who would have guessed? The way these guys rock out the stage, you would think they were just 20 years old! It’s always a ridiculously good time.

Seriously, how do they do it?

We guess you’ll just have to show up this Thursday to figure it out.

Reason #2: Black Star Safari


South Lake based Black Star Safari is yet another integral family member of the Lake Tahoe music scene. Having that been said, what are we going to get these guys for Christmas? Gift card to Grass Roots? Pot of succulents? Bobblehead doll for the dashboard? Honestly, how does one say ‘thank you’ for providing Tahoe with the finest in funky beats? It’s always a great time jamming out with these guys!

We’re definitely looking forward to funk, folk, rock, and reggae that Matt and Dan will be laying out this upcoming Thursday. The guys will be the opening act at 4:30, so be sure to show up early and grab a cold one!

P.s. Who can forget that incredible halloween show where they jammed out dressed as Abe Lincoln and a giant banana?


It was a fine moment in Lake Tahoe live music history!

No doubt this Thursday will be another one for the books.

 Reason #3: The beer garden!


Aimi will be holdin’ it down for one more week!

Speaking of cold ones, isn’t that half the bait that’s lured you out to Live at Lakeview all summer? Where else can you clutch onto a frosty brewski while catching up with old friends, all while taking in great music and killer sunsets?

And don’t say Yo Momma’s house, because we all know that ain’t true.

Just as awesome as these frosty beers is the not-so-frosty people wheelin’ and dealin’ the sweet nectar of the Gods.

Would you like a warm smile with the cold beer? Damn straight you do!

This week will be your last chance to kick it with Dan, Aimi, Carol Ann, and the rest of the beer garden crew. As we all know by now, it’s nothing but good times with this fun-loving team. And this week will be your last chance to say “Yo, can I get another before the next band comes on?”— at least till next summer.

 Reason #4: Buy cool shit.

store2All the best vendors Tahoe has to offer, in one place. Need we say more?

In fact, you could probably even find your Christmas gifts for Black Star Safari and Lavish Green at one of the booths this Thursday!

Don’t forget about Uncle Tom and Grammy either.

 Reason #5: It’s what all the cool kids are doing.

If you don’t believe us, just take a look at these photos.






That’s right. The coolest of the cool.

You, too, can be as cool as these fools. Or at least come close.

See you Thursday!

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