February 11


5.8 million dolla’ dolla’ bills given to LTCC!

photo credit: Tahoe Daily Tribune

Lake Tahoe Community College is making headway towards becoming a four-year college! On Tuesday the college was presented with a fat (also phat) 5.8 million dollar check by the long time local Lisa Manoloff.

“I’m so thrilled to make this place a better community for everyone. And, thank you for letting me have the opportunity to do that. Thank you,” said the uber-generous and just plain awesome Maloff in front of a crowd during an open house at LTCC.

What exactly does LTCC plan on doing with this new cash roll?

  • LTCC plans to start offering bachelor’s programs, thus officially making it a four year college! Now Tahoe-loving students won’t have to dart off after completing their gen-eds!  Awesome!
  • A new university center building in honor of the donors is projected to open in 2018 and will be used to host upper division courses.
  • A soccer field upgrade is on the drawing board as well.  Features will include new bleachers, athlete seating, additional guest space and walkways, and ADA-compliant walkways.
  • Putting in a Regional Public Safety Training Center, which will support the college’s fire science, Lake Tahoe Basin Fire Academy, search and rescue, emergency response and wilderness education programs.  The center will also serve as an incident command center for public emergencies.
  • Transform the campus’ main building into a one-stop center for registration, records, student services, and couseling.

LTCC is currently in talks with a few four-year universities, including UC Davis, to collaborate on bachelor’s education services. It will be nice to see the college-age town of South Lake turn into an actual college town. No word on whether there are plans on building a frat row.  We guess Sierra Track will have to do for now.


photo credit: South Tahoe Now

Park in Meyers needs help getting its sh*t together!

Looks like there is trouble in paradise! Literally—the Tahoe Paradise Improvement District has recently reached out to El Dorado County for help with ‘administrative matters’ on successfully running the park out at Meyers. It seems things are falling into the realm of dysfunctional over there.

“There is almost no organizational — to use a buzzword — infrastructure of the park in terms of written policies and procedures and the way things are done and so forth,” TPRID board member Peter Nelligan said at the meeting.

Yikes! Who knew managing a park could be such a hodge?!

A meeting was held on Thursday regarding this whole debacle. Team A (district board) wants more help from the county, but Team B (residents) are sketched out about a government takeover with the park. No punches were thrown but harsh words like “I think it’s time to mature.” were thrown around.  OUCHIE! A bit below the belt, no?

Either way, an agreement was approved and is currently in review with El Dorado County.  GOD SAVE MEYERS PARK!

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Volunteers needed for good deeds in the community!

In the mood to do good in the hood? Sure you are!

The El Dorado County Senior Nutrition Program Home-Delivered Meal Service does not only hold the local record for the longest organization name of all time, but they are also looking for people to help out with mid-week meal deliveries.  Any time during the week, between 10:30 a.m. and noon, you could pop into one of your senior locals’ home for a quick hello and to drop off some tasty tidbits!

This will not only do wonders for helping out program clients and their families, but you would also be doing wonders for a lot of local seniors who just want to get in touch with a fresh face!  And it’s so easy, just integrate it into your lunch break or while running errands!

For more info call Senior Nutrition at 530-621-6160

Tahoe finally gets some of that white stuff.  The good kind.

For those of you who’ve been living in quarantine with 100% refusal to glance out the window: we got snow.  Not enough to make snow angels in town, but enough to dip into the trees at the top of Sierra and Heavenly.

And now, in honor of our recent collection of fluffy white stuff, we shall all raise a fist to the sky in a collective community fist pump.  Holler.



For more information on any of this news, head on over to a legitimate news source!


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