City Repeals Ban on Plastic Bags!!!

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It’s a plastic bag filled with a million other plastic bags awaiting to be assigned some purpose in the near future. Hopefully as my ghetto-rigged bathroom trash liner or to pick up dog shit.

I used to jam MY LITTLE FRIEND in the cupboard underneath the kitchen sink or in that weird gap between my fridge and the wall. However, MY LITTLE FRIEND has surely but slowly been losing girth as his guts have been steadily replaced with a sweet, new collection of Trader Joe’s and Grocery Outlet reusable grocery bags.

By default I was becoming the more environmentally conscientious consumer I had always imagined myself to be, something that may or may not have happened if not by indirect force of the ban on plastic bags that was implemented last year.

Well, guess what. Whether you like it or not, SINGLE-USE PLASTIC TRASH BAGS HAVE WON A BATTLE IN TAHOE.

During yesterday’s City Council meeting, council members voted 3-2 to trash the ban on plastic bags in retail outlets. Whether they disposed of the ban in a reusable grocery bag or single-use plastic trash bag remains unclear.

According to an article by SouthTahoeNow, all of the letters that City Council received about the single-use trash bag situation, as well as all the people who spoke up at Monday’s meeting, were in favor of continuing the ban, saying it was the right thing to do for the environment.

However, Hal Cole, Tom Davis, and JoAnn Conner feel that it hurts small business owners to force them to supply paper instead of plastic, which is much more expensive.

According to councilwoman JoAnn Conner, “It is still an option for customers to bring their own bag or to use paper. The ban was a real hardship on the smaller retailers who actually sell items to be taken out of their store. Storage space and expense for paper bags was immense to many, and second hand stores could not even recycle the plastic bags many had from Nevada by giving them to their customers.”

“I don’t think it’s right to burden the small business owner.” Hal Cole stated.

It’s hard to tell what kind of impact the ban on single-use plastic trash bags has had on the community.

There was supposed to be a state-wide ban starting July 1 of this year, but bag manufacturers made it RAIN to the tune of 3 million bones to keep the law off the books until voters had their say.

So what do YOU think, Tahoe?

Is this ban unfair to small business owners? Can we trust our community to self-regulate and use their own reusable bags? Or should the ban continue for the sake of keeping Big Blue at her bluest?

But the real question is—plastic bag ban or no ban, will YOU continue to use your reusable bags, or will MY LITTLE FRIEND be making a comeback?

‘Cause guess what—that part is up to you.


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  1. I cannot believe the city council went against all the letters it received and people who spoke up at the meeting. If the small business owners were so hurt by the ban why didn’t they all get together and speak at the meeting! This city council has always taken up ideas that go against what best for the environment and the city, not to mention the lake!

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