We’ll be back.


We apologize for the break in content delivery as we take some time from the front-end to do some work on our back-end (and no, we aren’t getting butt implants).

Our team is hard at work making moves for TTJ’s big picture goals!

Come June, we’ll have all kinds of new and awesome content for you. But in the meantime, how about you check out some of the most popular articles from our archive! Click on the images below to read up on some of our golden tickets!

We hope you love them as much as we love you—our beloved community!

– Jangles


Are you currently in the throes of a quarter-life crisis? Perhaps you feel a strange pull between outer expectations (parental, societal, etc) and your own desires. Check out this article!


Ever wonder what would happen if you logged onto Tinder and just talked about your gas with every one of your matches? Well, we tried it……

tinderventures copy


Thinking about taking on the Tahoe Rim Trail this summer? Check this gem out for the scoop on the Spooner to Tahoe Meadows section!


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